Other Research

This page will provide links to external research on the issue of child rights and orphan youth aging out of care. If you would like to contribute your organization’s research to this page, please e-mail info@iofa.org

Save the Children (2009) Keeping Children Out of Harmful Institutions– According to Save the Children, there are over 8 million orphan youth living in institutions worldwide. The major reasons for orphan youth to be turned over include poverty and social exclusion of families. This report reviews problems associated with institutionalization and emphasizes the need for governments and stakeholders to build the capacity of families to provide quality childcare.

UNICEF (2007) Promoting the Rights of Children with Disabilities– According to the World Health Organization, 10% of the world’s children have a sensory, intellectual, or mental health impairment. This report highlights major challenges that this population faces and advocates for the inclusion of the disabled into the community.

Council of Europe (2011) Adoption and Children: A Human Rights Perspective– Adoption of children within or between countries raises numerous human rights issues. During this process, the best interests of the rights of a child should be taken into consideration. The following report provides recommendation’s by the Council of Europe for adoption to ensure the protection of children. Courtesy of Child Rights Information Network (CRIN).

What Works For Women (2012) Orphan and Vulnerable Children– This literature review describes the vulnerability of orphan youth, particularly girls, to HIV/AIDs infections in Africa. The following document reviews the evidence and provides suggestions to make stronger programming for this population.



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