As we officially unveil our blog, all of us at the International Organization for Adolescents (IOFA) would like to welcome you to the Transitions Initiative Worldwide Network.  The issue of orphaned youth aging out of care delivers great impact across the continents and, as we’ve learned throughout our work, must be confronted with vigilance and cooperation.  Orphaned youth are a vulnerable population at any age and must be offered thought and support in their transition from care systems to lives built from their own means.  IOFA understands that such a life event is significant in every way, requiring the proper physical, psychological, and economic resources, and we also know the struggle to generate and combine each of these factors.  For this reason, IOFA hopes the Transitions Initiative Worldwide Network will provide insight on developments in youth aging out of care.  We aim to unite members from across the world in our mission to provide invaluable resources to this affected adolescent population.  Join the circle.  Our hands are open.

Camil Sanchez-Palumbo,
IOFA Project Development Intern


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